Patients whose pain does not improve over time with non-surgical methods, may need disc replacement surgery to treat damaged spinal discs.  Disc replacement surgery is a specialized treatment performed by Dr. Mark Weight who is an expert in this surgical method.

Why May Disc Replacement Surgery be Beneficial?

Between the bones of the spine (vertebra), the disc is the soft cartilage-like tissue that provides cushioning and facilitates proper motion. For a number of reasons, the disc may not function normally. Abnormal functioning due to thinning, deterioration, bulging or herniation causes various levels of pain and reduced range of motion.

To reduce pain, restore the range of motion in the spine, and to return a patient to the highest quality of life, disc replacement surgery may be beneficial.

What is Disc Replacement Surgery?

Disc replacement surgery, also known as artificial disc replacement or total disc replacement, is a surgical procedure that is used to restore the function of a joint. The medical term of this type of surgery is arthroplasty.

With this specific type of surgery, degenerated or malfunctioning discs in the spine between the vertebra are replaced with an artificial disc sometimes referred to as a disc prosthesis or spinal arthroplasty device.

What Part of the Spine May be Affected?

Disc replacement surgery may be helpful with the lumbar or cervical sections of the spine.

Who May be a Candidate for Disc Replacement Surgery?

Patients who have exhausted non-operative treatments and continue to suffer from back pain over a considerable course of time, typically longer than six months, may be a candidate for this surgery. Other situations, such as pain due to an accident or trauma, may necessitate surgery in a more urgent timeframe.


Disc replacement surgery of the spine by prominent spine surgeon, Dr. Mark Weight in Idaho Falls.