The spine is a wonderfully complex support structure made up of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and spinal discs that allows you to stand upright and move your body. Dr. Weight has a deep understanding of this important and delicate anatomy, and with today’s advanced
tools, can perform highly successful open and minimally invasive procedures.

Now, there is a new augmented reality (AR) surgical guidance technology called the XVision Spine System that allows Dr. Weight to actually “see” your spine in 3D through the skin during spinal implant surgery.

Augumedics XVision headset used by Dr. Weight for spine surgeries.The Augmented Reality Headset Gives Dr. Weight “X-ray” Vision During Surgery

Similar to a real-time GPS, “see-through” XVision guided surgery lets Dr. Weight know exactly where to place the implants in your unique anatomy, and it is bringing a new standard of personalization and care to the operating room. The XVision Spine System is different from other image guidance systems as it keeps Dr. Weight’s focus directly on you, rather than a distant screen that displays your anatomy.

XVision Spine System Potential Benefits

  • Personalized procedures
  • Accurate spinal implant placement
  • Fast and safe procedures
  • More focus on you, the patient

How the XVision Spine System Works

  1. During your procedure, you will have a CT scan to capture precise imaging of your spine.
  2. That CT scan is uploaded to the XVision Spine System and your spinal images are projected onto Dr. Weight’s retinas using the special XVision Spine System headset.
  3. The XVision Spine System is designed to revolutionize how surgery is done by giving Dr. Weight better control and visualization, which may lead to easier, faster and safer surgeries.  Dr. Weight will look directly at you during the whole procedure, seeing a scan of your spine projected over your actual anatomy as if he has “x-ray” vision.  In minimally invasive procedures Dr. Weight will be able to use both 3D and 2D views as he places implants.

XVision Summary

The XVision Spine System gives Dr. Weight “X-ray” vision to perform “see-through” surgery. This may lead to more accurate implant placement and a potentially faster and safer surgery.